Samsung Galaxy S21 Dual Sim Smartphone, 128GB 8GB Ram 5G


Brand:-                                Samsung
Model name:-                   Galaxy S21
Wireless carrier:-           Unlocked for All Carriers
Operating system:-         Android 11.0
Cellular technology:-     5G

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Take Epic Photography: Capture epic shots with a 64MP telephoto, 12MP ultra wide, 12MP wide, and a 10MP front camera. Mobile photography made effortless.

8GB of RAM and 128GB of ROM: Thanks to a powerful processor with built-in advanced AI and more-than-generous amounts of RAM, it’s performance beyond anything we’ve done before.

4000mAh Battery with Fast Charging: All the fuel in minutes – shareable and available wirelessly. It doesn’t stop there – they are intelligent, analyzing your usage patterns to save more power, giving you more charge.


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